I am Brad Thomas

Nice to meet you. Just like the title says, my name is Brad Thomas. I am the co-founder and COO of Evercast, and other numerous companies over my 20 year history as an entrepreneur.

the Why

I am the 20 year overnight success with the battle scars to prove that being an entrepreneur is not for the weak of heart. In this time, I’ve experienced the most intense highs and the ultimate extremes in lows.

I’m currently COO of Evercast which I co-founded back in 2016. Evercast revolutionized how production teams in Hollywood and professional advertisers collaborate remotely on content creation. As of 2023, the company continues to grow globally and to date, is my biggest success as an entrepreneur. Over the next few months, I’ll begin sharing stories and lessons from my 7 year history with Evercast.

As I move into the next phase of my life, I’ve been wanting to find hobbies and creative outlets geared towards helping other entrepreneurs.  I feel a deep connection towards anyone attempting to do what statistics show is pretty much impossible…start a successful, sustainable business.

A large source of my inspiration to help other entrepreneurs is due to my personal experience dealing with the pressures of entrepreneurship along with the damage I’ve seen it do to others that I deeply care about.

This is also the reason why I’m working on a new side project in my spare time called cashGPS. It’s one of many tools I intend to create in the future to help entrepreneurs stay alive and hopefully help increase their odds of not only survival, but success.

Want to talk? Don’t hesitate to reach out.